Thursday, 5 May 2016

Know How to Get Out of a Timeshare Contract Legally

Is your timeshare draining you financially? Do you want out but don’t know how? If the following unfair and deceptive sales practices were used to get you to sign a timeshare contract, you may be able to get out of it legally:

Were aggressive sales tactics applied even after you already rejected the sales representative multiple times? This can be considered as unlawful pressure that was exerted to coerce you to perform an action that you would not ordinarily do.

Did the seller offer discounted incentives and free gifts to you in exchange for touring timeshare properties, without disclosing the information that the sales presentation is actually for a timeshare ownership? 

Another unfair practice usually done by sales representatives is telling you that the timeshare is a ‘one time’ or ‘one day’ offer. They might also say the properties are only available to members and will not be accessible to general public renting or usage.

Did they tell you that timeshares are investments that can be rented or sold for profit during the time of purchase? If they did, this may help get you out of your timeshare contract.

You can also question the validity of the contract if it wasn’t disclosed in the perpetual clause that: (1) the developer legally binds you to financial obligation forever (2) successors and heirs are legally bound to inherit all of the legal and financial obligations described in said contract, and (3) developers of the timeshare as well as the management companies can modify, add, and delete usage rights, terms, and conditions without your consent.

The contract may likewise be broken if it wasn’t disclosed that timeshares may be bought for as little as a single dollar online, or that timeshares may be rented online even by non-members or non-owners.

Knowing your rights is the key. You also need to work with a qualified timeshare lawyer for best results.