Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Attain Best Legal Advice on Timeshare Termination: Advocate Financial Services

Advocate Financial Services is committed to consumer advocacy, and it’s the best place to start if you are looking to attain the best legal advice on timeshare cancellation. The company specializes in attorney referral services so that you can find a timeshare termination lawyer who can truly help you get out of a contract that is causing you stress, anxiety, and financial hardships.

Here’s a fact: Less than one percent of the 1.2 million lawyers currently active in the US have interest or experience in notoriously complicated timeshare laws. It can be very difficult to find capable timeshare attorneys on your own. This is why experts recommend that you use Advocate Financial Services to get professional advice on how to proceed with this legal endeavor. Advocate Financial Services can put you in touch with the right lawyer in your state—someone who has years of experience in successfully terminating timeshare contracts on behalf of their clients. 

If your timeshare contract is draining you financially and is causing you a lot of stress, know that there is hope. Did the timeshare sales representatives use deceptive sales practices to trick you into purchasing a timeshare? Did they make it seem as though a timeshare is an attractive investment? Perhaps they lured you in with a free gift or a discounted incentive to tour their timeshare property without telling you that you are really there for a sales presentation. Maybe they told you that the tour would last just an hour, when in fact it took more than 3 hours. Perhaps they even claimed that you could rent out your timeshare and even sell it for profit one day. If they violated consumer protection laws in the US, you as a consumer have the right to cancel your timeshare contract. Talk to an attorney who specializes in timeshare terminations to attain the best legal advice.