Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Finding Right Timeshare Consultants with experienced Timeshare consultant: Advocate Financial Services

Being in possession of an unwanted timeshare need not turn out to be the worst experience. While it definitely qualifies as a forgettable one, it need not remain a burden on you all your life. Getting rid of a timeshare can be accomplished by utilizing experienced timeshare consultants to represent you for cancellation procedures. Know your rights and the law on cancellation of contracts through the following:

Breach of contract

A contract is entered between two or more entities. If one of the parties to the contract acts in a manner that is a breach of the terms of the contract, then the other party is at liberty to cancel the contract. This cancellation while, being an option, is not an arbitrary privilege, and needs to be exercised as per the provisions of law. Specialist timeshare cancellation lawyer will be able to study the terms of the contract and prove breach of contract.

Willful misrepresentation

What is sought to be passed off as a marketing ploy is infact a disguised attempt to willfully represent facts with misleading terms. Prior to signing of contract, the sales teams of timeshare companies resort to hype and sharing of conditions that were never intended to be honored. Skilled timeshare consultants understand what constitutes willful and deliberate misrepresentation. They are better placed to prove the same in a court of law, if needed, and are hence capable of getting timeshare companies to relent and free clients from timeshare obligations.

Change of terms in a unilateral manner

Contracts cannot be changed unilaterally without the consent of all parties to the contract. Timeshare companies resort to the unhealthy practice of modifying, adding and deleting clauses or terms of contract without the consent of the other party. This is reason enough for seeking a termination of the contract.  In addition, timeshare companies willfully conceal the fact that the terms are intended to contractually bind the buyer forever.

Overall, investing in a timeshare is a bad decision. All the terms of a timeshare are loaded against the investor with rotten clauses that are intended to give the company the upper hand. It is essential that the services of competent and experienced timeshare consultants are utilized to exit the contract. A lot of misrepresentation is perpetuated among the public that timeshare contracts cannot be terminated. It is entirely untrue. Timeshare contracts can be terminated by a court of law or the party can be released from the contract by the companies prior to actual litigation itself.